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If you would like to get more of the patches please contact David Schweitzer.

John Clark's new 2011 Calendar

Download these forms for the Air Force Art Turnover this year. Hold off on all form submittal unitl after the Pritzker Show Jury. Thank you, MAFA.

Welcome to our brand new web site. This site is about the Midwest Air Force Artists and their mission to deliver high quality fine art to the US Air Force Art Program to further the telling of the Air Force story. If you are not a member of the program and or MAFA and are interested please feel free to see the New Member FAQ and or the "Join" link to learn more about how to do so. Please visit our web store. We are adding new products right now.

Calling all MAFA artists. We are looking for more up to date images from your work. Please send them to Bryan Snuffer and we will get them up on the site. We also need image from the 2008 Tunover if you have them.

Special Note:

Midwest Air Force Artist,

Our turnover this year will be at the National Museum of the Air Force at Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio on October 22, 2010, instead of Washington, DC this year. The Air Force will be sending you additional information later.

Your work is to be sent to the Pritzker Military Library (preferably unframed) to be juried by June 9, 2010. PML‘s address will be supplied later. Our reception at PML is tentatively scheduled for July 16. 2010. There are three possibilities for exhibit because Pritzker Military Library is moving to a new location and the move date is TBD:

1) Opens at current PML in mid-July and entire exhibit is at current PML, ends mid-October.
2) Opens at current PML in mid-July goes dark while PML moves, goes on walls in new PML and stays up until mid-October.
3) Opens at new PML in mid-July and entire exhibit is at new PML, ends mid-October.

All three possibilities involve a mid-July opening. We are shooting for opening the week of July 12th with a possible reception on July 16th. . Another reception possibility is an opening reception on September 24th in the new PML. This coincides with the Air Force’s birthday (which is September 18th). All three possibilities involve ending mid-October.

The art needs a place to gather before being juried, PML is investigating the possibility of housing the art for 10-14 days. This will give it a chance to arrive and be juried. Once it is juried, it can be sent to the framer. After framing it will come back to PML ready to be hung.

This gives us three months to wrap up our art work (or maybe even start). Everyone in the group is used to deadlines and I think three months is a pretty good deadline.

If you have any questions you can contact me at:

Jim Conahan – 630.638.1144 cell or email jamesjconahan@aol.com
Konrad Hack – 847.965.2336 home or email konradh45@comcast.net

We are getting ready already for 2010 with some new and greater arrangements with the Pritzker Military Library and where and when the regional show will be held. Some more exciting news coming up.
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