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The Midwest Air Force Artists along with the United States Air Force and the United States Air Force Reserve are celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the USAF.

The celebration Kick-off begins this September.

Download these forms for the Air Force Art Turnover this year. Hold off on all form submittal unitl after the Pritzker Show Jury. Thank you, MAFA.

AFAPO Artist/Description
Tuxedo Rental
Turnover Guest Form
Proffer Form
Offer Form

With the help of John Downs, we have secured a great place for our next local show before the turnover.  The Pritzker Military Library has agreed to host a show in September 2006.  They will provide us with their space, help us with sponsors for the cocktail party, and bring in a designer to design the show space for us.  The Library will also provide us with a brochure or possibly a catalog of the event.  They will scan our “unframed” work and some will be selected for the brochure.  The art will be framed by us as we have in the past.  In order to get all of this accomplished, we will have to have an earlier deadline than normal.

If you are planning on staying in Chicago during our opening at the Library please conact the Pritzker Military Library for great places to stay in that area.

July 30, 2006 - Unframed Art Work due
(This time will be used to jury, scan and frame the art.)

September 1, 2006 – Show will be hung in the Pritzker Military Library

September 8, 2006 – Tentaive Date for opening at Pritzker Military Library
October 9, 2006 – Show comes down; art will be crated and picked up by the Air Force.
October 20, 2006 – The Air Force turnover at Bolling Air Force Base

We have a unique opportunity at hand.  To receive the support of the Pritzker Military Library is great for our group.  We need to start working on our pieces early so that we can be ready by July 30, 2006. 

The Turnover information was outlined in the "Brush of Blue" newsletter that you should have already received from the program. If you have not received it yet and you would like to have a copy Bryan will have the document posted here on our site so that you can download it and print it.

If you would like to share rental on a car please contact Bryan Snuffer at bsnuffer@comcast.net or at 231-737-3384.

The Air Force will be flying us in on Thursday the 19th of October. You should begin making your car rental plans right now. There is a planned trip this year and that is outlined in the "Brush of Blue"

Attention Midwest Air Force Artists:

Please address all art work that going to be submitted to the Air Force Art Program in 2006 to:

Air Force Art
200 West Adams Street Suite#1440
Chicago, IL 60606

For information please phone: 312-353-8300

Again please send artwork unframed. This will aid in the process of photography. Art work is to arrive on or before July 31, 2006

The Muskegon Museum of Art and Midwest Air Force Artists are hosting a call for artists from MAFA to participate in an exhibit in the Muskegon Museum of Art in Muskegon, Michigan. Time is slipping by and if you wanting to participate we are closing on the deadline for commitement.

If you would like to enter your work into this show please contact Bryan Snuffer via email, (bsnuffer@comcast.net), or simply call 231-737-3384. All Artwork must be framed and ready to frame. Pieces can be recalled from the Air Force Art Collection. Corporate discounts on lodgin at the Holiday Inn next door will be available and rates will be released soon. We would love to have you participate.

The MAFA show will be held in two of the MMA's galleries and will be accompanied by a WW2 photography show.

The exhibition dates are February 10, 2007 to April 15, 2007. Artwork has to be delivered to the Museum no later than January 20, 2006 and pick-up and or ship dates post show begin April 29, 2006.

All desired artwork to be entered in this show have to be submitted to Bryan Snuffer via email or on disk prior to entrance. This is an MAFA Air Force Art Show and the theme for this exhibit is "Honoring Those Who Serve".
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